Wonderful Week in Depok and Jakarta

I just arrived in Bali - which is my hometown- from Jakarta, well actually Depok for a Newscasting competition in one of the Top 5 university in Indonesia, yes it's University of Indonesia. it's been a long time since I want to visit University of Indonesia (UI), because I heard from my friends that UI's buildings and environment are so cool and so amazing (compared to universities in Bali). And finally my dream came true, I had chance to visit UI, not just visit but also compete there in ALSA E-comp 2017, which they said that it's the biggest English competition in Indonesia. And if you ask am I happy or not? oh yeah, the answer is yes I'm totally happy and proud of myself joining the competition, just join, I'm not even the champion, just a semi-finalist. well, that's an achievement for me.
This is my second news-casting competition, and compared to my first competition -in University of Brawijaya-  my performance in ALSA UI was much more satisfying, if I could say, when I perform here, my voice and my body weren't shaking, and I can control my performance so that I can give (what I think was) my best. compared to my first competition, I was so ambitious  back then, I was so nervous and shaking, I can't control myself and well I can't gave my my best, and I'm not satisfied with my performance.
These 7 days in Depok and Jakarta, became a brightening trip. I learnt many new things in those 7 days, I also had a deep talk with 3 other friends which was impressive and that made know a lot more things about them and psychology thing. I went there with another 13 people, they're just so different, but we adapt well to each other and luckily we tried to understand each other. Outside Bali, for me 7 days become so long.
Everything was fun in those 7 days, but to be honest, I don't really like the environment in Depok, well I love buildings, I love the city lights, but I don't know I just don't feel safe there. Maybe it's just because I can't adapt well with this metropolitan city. But, with the campus? I love it, I love how green is it, how futuristic the buildings are, how beautiful the people are, how peaceful the library is, and how on-time the yellow bus is. It's just so perfect, but the city...uhhh.

After the winner announcement, me and my other 3 friends, went to Jakarta. It's shopping time. me and my friend named CPD, planed to go to Grand Indonesia first, we even listed all of the shops we want to visit. first we went to Muji. There is no Muji in Bali and as what I watch and read on the internet, Muji stationary is so cool-minimal and simple-  me and Devia were so hype, we were looking for stationary there, but the result? well the Muji store here was kinda disappointing. don't expect too much in everything guys, because expectations are the root for disappointment *noted
not only Muji another shop that we listed, are Cotton On and Kinokuniya, both of them weren't disappointing. well of course good clothes and good books, they won't disappoint us, don't they?
next day, it's my favorite days within that trip. we went to Dufan, it's been a long time since the last time I go there, it's 11 years ago which I was 6 years old. Within that 11 years, Dufan changed a lot for sure. I was tired but so fun, we play so many extreme games in which I almost passed out.

And I think I actually forgot to tell about the most crucial part which is the competition itself, but I already write quite a lot so I will just tell you in brief, well the competition was fun and the vibe was really competitive not a friendly kind of competition but I do learn a lot and I know new people from around Indonesia and last but not least, the most unpredictable thing that happened is that I met my favorite beauty vlogger, Kiara Leswara who is a student in UI faculty of law.

That's all for my wonderful week, pardon my bad grammar and words but here I just want to share my thoughts and also train myself to keep writing both in english and bahasa, so correct me in the comment section bellow. And here is a one minute video made by my all time buddy CPD


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