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Wonderful Week in Depok and Jakarta

I just arrived in Bali - which is my hometown- from Jakarta, well actually Depok for a Newscasting competition in one of the Top 5 university in Indonesia, yes it's University of Indonesia. it's been a long time since I want to visit University of Indonesia (UI), because I heard from my friends that UI's buildings and environment are so cool and so amazing (compared to universities in Bali). And finally my dream came true, I had chance to visit UI, not just visit but also compete there in ALSA E-comp 2017, which they said that it's the biggest English competition in Indonesia. And if you ask am I happy or not? oh yeah, the answer is yes I'm totally happy and proud of myself joining the competition, just join, I'm not even the champion, just a semi-finalist. well, that's an achievement for me.
This is my second news-casting competition, and compared to my first competition -in University of Brawijaya-  my performance in ALSA UI was much more satisfying, if I…

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