K-Drama Review : Goblin

Hey guys, back again with me ! Finally after 6 months doesn't make any new entry,  now I'm going to make a review about a TvN drama with the title Goblin or The Lonely and Great God or The Lonely and Shining Guardian; it has so many names actually, but just call it Goblin or I usually call it Dokkaebi.

I write this post right after I finished the last episode, because I just can't handle the feeling after watching it. It started in 2 Dec 2016 and just ended in 21 Jan 2017. The ending was quite unexpected, if we recall the beginning of the drama, yeaa but it is a happy ending one. The last 2 episodes will make you really emotional, you're happy with them but not long after that I catch myself crying. I think, the plot is not like a another fantasy Korean Drama, you will never think of this kind of plot. What I like the most about this drama is that it connects the past life (Goryeo Era) and the present, there's so many mysteries in this drama, at first you will be confused but this confusion will make you crave for the next episode more and more(they know this drama is quite confusing, they even make a special episode to explain the complicated connections between the character). another thing that I like about Goblin is the second lead couple, who is Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na, their love story is so tragic and so romantic at the same time. Actually, I prefer their love story than the Goblin's couple story #sorry. Idk man, I ship Dong Wook and In Na more, maybe because the age gap, I really pay attention in the actor's real age gap, because for me they look more well suited if their age gap is not too far. and yeah I almost forget, one more thing that make people love this drama because of the bromance between the Goblin and Grim Reaper, their bromance is totally funny (and emotional)

I used to like a romance comedy or high school genre Korean drama, but in 2016 I prefer the mystery or  the Saeguk one, because of my preference i choose Goblin as one of my favorite in 2016, followed by Scarlet Heart Ryeo (another drama with a good story and also handosme actors).

I keep mentioning about how good is the storyline, so now let's talk about it. The story started in Goryeo Era, it explained who is he, how could he become the Goblin and so on. The Goblin used to be a warrior named Kim Shin that glorified by the people, and it threatened the King. So the King killed him, but because of his sin and the service that he has done for the Kingdom, he became a Goblin who lives immortal. He will die if he meets his bride. Being a Goblin is a gift but also a punishment because he can't forget anyone's death.  And later, in the present time he will meet a Grim Reaper who unknownly has a connection with him in a past life, and meet another people who also have connections with him. I'm not going to give you a further explanation, because you guys should find out yourself and definitely start watch this, because it's so Good. and no wonder the final episode surpassed the highest rating of Reply 1988. and alo the actors also got many compliment from netizen, so I think there's no reason to not watch it.

Maybe some of you ask, who's the actors? Duhh, here we have The Great Gong Yoo. yass yass that Gong Yoo the one who played in the box office movie "Train to Busan", we also have the most handsome grim reaper ever, Lee Dong Wook, and another talented young boys which are Yook Sungjae from BTOB (his act got many compliments from netizen) andddd Kim Min Jae, maybe some of you dont't know him he once showed up in Show Me The Money Season4 and it became a big news because people said he looked like Song Joong Ki and Yeo Jin Goo. And for the actress we have Kim Go Eun as the Goblin's Bride and our beautiful and gorgeous Yoo In na.

I think that's all for this post, and actually this post is my first post that I use 100% english, because I want to improve my english. I know there will be many gramatical mistakes, so if you find one, let me know by write it in the comment. I hope you guys will enjoy this post


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